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“Nederlandse Weekbladen Groep” is the third-largest publisher of advertising freesheets in The Netherlands and is a joint venture of “Aachener Verlagsgesellschaft (AVG) and the Dutch printing house “Ein de Jong”. After a thorough evaluation it was decided to implement a workflow system from ProcSet Media Solutions. The weekly advertising freesheets are following a similar concept to the German free advertising weeklies and are published with an overall circulation of approximately 1.9 million in Limburg, Nord […]

Acknowledging the fact that PDF is going to play a more and more important roll in advertising production, ProcSet Media Solution has licensed PDF server technology from Adobe® to set the stage to realise a complete and pure PDF workflow. In addition to the extended checking and processing possibilities for PDF files, the original Distiller functionality is now available using Adobe software in the adjust server. The basis of this license agreement is an OEM […]

Introducing ProcSet adjust “Der Tagesspiegel” in Berlin has managed to increase the throughput of externally delivered artwork significantly. The automation of artwork reception, the integrated check and conversion mechanisms as well as the comprehensive workflow mechanisms have led to a noticeable relief in the workload of the operational departments within an extremely short timeframe. The continuous use of the ProcSet SoftwareSuite during the complete advertising process chain was the foundation to realise synergies in the […]

More and more advertising customers of Axel Springer’s Berlin titles (Berliner Morgenpost, WELT, WELTkompakt, Welt am Sonntag) are taking advantage of uploading digital artwork through the internet, which has made possible using ProcSet Media Solutions. They are satisfied by the opportunity to match the artwork to the previous booking and to view the soft proof result immediately afterwards. Since the introduction of this service in May 2005 the number of portal users has increased continuously. […]

“Magdeburger Volksstimme” is going to use ProcSet adjust to optimise advertising production. The implementation of ProcSet adjust will lead to a new task-sharing model, assigning a major role to advertising administration. The bulk of automatically checked and processed artwork can be matched with the advertising booking by the administration staff using a browser client. Only advertisements which are recognised by the receiving system as being complex must be processed by employees with composition know-how. ProcSet […]