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Mediaprint launches ProcSet Workflow Solution

Mediaprint: Austria’s major print media company
Mediaprint Zeitungs- und Zeitschriftenverlag GmbH & Co. KG is based in Vienna and was formed as a subsidiary of the publishing houses Kronen Zeitung and KURIER, handling their business matters. This also includes the advertisement marketing and production.
As a market leader among Austrian daily papers, Kronen Zeitung achieves a range of 38.9 % – which corresponds to 2.764 million readers (MA 2010). It sells 818,436 papers (Austrian Newspaper Control [ÖAK] annual average, 2010) and has 678,315 subscribers (ÖAK annual average, 2010). The KURIER reaches 575,000 (MA 2010) readers with sales of 160,212 copies (ÖAK annual average, 2010).
The decision to launch M/AMC and ProcSet Workflow Solution was made by Mediaprint: „As a market leader in the print media market, we strive to achieve the best solutions in all areas. We want to use top performance to expand our top positions in our business segments. The new workflow solution gives us the possibility of expanding our service portfolio and operating in a more customer- and service-oriented way.“

Launch of ProcSet Workflow Solution
The launch of ProcSet Workflow Solution gives us new options for the design and flexible mapping of business processes in the advertisement production process. ProcSet Workflow Solution in cooperation with MSH (Medien System Haus GmbH & Co KG) is integrated into the branch solution SAP IS-M/AM and ensures the ideal mapping of workflows.

Increase in efficiency
The complete digitalization and automation within the entire process makes it possible to have very flexible control over production at any time.

Production control
ProcSet offers convenient and diverse options for showing all the necessary and important information centrally and for supporting the ideal handling of advertisement orders via prioritization.

Advertisement editor and online scenario
For years the industry solution of SAP ISMedia has been used successfully at Mediaprint. One goal of the new focus in advertisement production is an increase in the integration of all processes. SAP’s editor M/AMC offers a seamlessly integrated design option for flowtext and template-based advertisements.
The complete integration of SAP in combination with the achievable efficiency of the advertisement typesetting persuaded Mediaprint. The publishing house has also gained new options for mapping changes in market demands more adequately. Mediaprint will be able to design and update all sample templates even more easily in the future. The publishing house can react to the new challenges and opportunities directly as a result. MSH offers the possibility of extending the advertisement booking process all the way to the end customer at the publishing house thanks to the Ad:Web Order solution.
Any possible follow-up work for the advertisement entered online is possible with the complete use of M/AMC technology at all times and without any break in the system. The systematic use of the parameters administered in the business system helps avoid the redundant updating of the master data for the online booking scenario.