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Portal component for the internet-based delivery of print documents in a job-related way.

This solution lets customers, advertising sales representatives and typesetters ideally integrate the internet into the production process. Full templates can be connected directly with the job, and components for typesetting advertisements can be assigned to the digital job jacket.

Furthermore, this additional component offers the ideal platform for a modern correction and approval workflow.

A summary of the the most important functions:

Pr├╝fbericht im Portal

Review report in portal

  • Uploading of artwork with job link
  • Sophisticated email handling for automatic job link
  • Automated target/actual comparison between artwork and job
  • Feedback from review report and soft-proof
  • Status concept
  • Upload of advertisement components
  • Digital job jacket and digital manuscript in PDF format
  • Correction workflow with expanded status concept
  • Internet-based distribution of typesetting jobs