ProcSet_Workflow Solution

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Checking, correction, conversion

Production security through standards.


The testing mechanism integrated into the ProcSet workflow solution provides all the important technical information about the geometry, colour spaces, image resolutions, typefaces and much more. Corrections can be easily made with internal funds. The embedded technology of Adobe® and callas® are available for this.


Graphic editing


  • Integrated preflight checks and corrections for PDF, EPS and image formats via Adobe┬«– and callas┬« technology
  • Testing and conversion settings can be configured in the browser
  • Creation of previews and soft proofs
  • Display of problems via the preview layers for the artwork
  • Conversion of postscripts, EPS, PDF and image formats with numerous adjustable parameters like output in ASCII or binary format, image resolution and postscript level
  • Colour space transformation with ICC profiles
  • Reduction of the total colour amount with DeviceLink profiles
  • Adjustment of spot colours
  • Integration of typeface
  • Calculation of geometry with white space removal
  • Removal of crop marks