ProcSet_Workflow Solution

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Embedded in commercial systems

The deep integration into the commercial system makes the entire process extremely efficient.


In the interest of highly streamlined advertising production, it is sensible to ensure that the greatest numbers of job jackets are transferred to the technical team immediately upon the processing of the job.

For this reason, the integration of the ProcSet system in the commercial environment has been designed so that the commercial as well as the technical view is possible at the same time and the processing of the jackets is thus limited to a few manual steps.

Integration in IS-M/AM

Integration in IS-M/AM


  • Integration of many established booking systems such as IS-M/AM, Vi&Va, Compass advantage, JJK
  • Bidirectional interface with feedback on status and sizes
  • Direct access to the contents of the job jacket for the processing of the order in the booking system
  • Integration of sample set editors in the overall concept of the digital job jacket
  • Complete embedding in the IS-M/AM interface via CIC integration
  • Artwork previews via the IS-M/AM job list