ProcSet_Workflow Solution

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Embedded production environment including administration of logos and samples

Save time designing thanks to the complete integration of the typesetting in the digital job jacket.


In the editors such as InDesign, you have not only the specifications for booked sizes and colour schemes, but also very convenient access to all production-relevant jacket components as well as logos and samples. Correction proofs are automatically sent to the sales representative or the customer without any manual action, and feedback is also automatically included in the job jacket.


Logo management


Call-up of InDesign


  • Integration of InDesign, QuarkXPress, MultiAd Creator with Windows and MacOS
  • Support of sample set editors
  • Specifications for document size and colour range according to job
  • Integrated logo and sample administration
  • Automated PDF/EPS production with subsequent creation of preview, soft proof and test results
  • Automated production of proofs that can be commented on in PDF form
  • Perfect support of the correction cycle up to approval
  • Automatic or manual distribution of typesetting jobs to various teams
  • Integration of typesetting service providers via the web portal