ProcSet_Workflow Solution

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Innovative workflow toolbox

The workflow toolbox is an innovative approach to the development of production processes from basic functions in only a few manual steps.


The basic concept of the ProcSet system is to provide the greatest flexibility and minimal effort in the implementation of the desired processes. Therefore, adjustments are fundamentally made via the configuration of basic functions in the browser-user interface. This spares you the otherwise standard configuration files and script programmes. Requests that are changed later can easily be adjusted in a few manual steps without requiring the support of the software supplier.


Action explorer


  • System configuration solely in the browser-based user interface
  • Combination of workflows from elementary, repeatedly applicable individual actions
  • Countless basic functions for import and export mechanisms as well as artwork and jacket processing
  • High flexibility through action lists and branching
  • Integrated authorisation concept
  • Testing, correction and conversion functions as integrated components of the workflow toolbox