ProcSet_Workflow Solution

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Web-based advertisements portal

Internet-based inclusion of customers, sales representatives and service providers.


The portal solution lets you achieve the integration of all the process participants in the overall system independently of place and outside the publishing house network. This component is an ideal communication platform for the transmission of both job and production data.

Pr├╝fbericht im Portal

Review report in portal


  • Uploading of artwork linked to job and automatic comparison of the booked geometry with the delivered artwork
  • Feedback from test reports with marking of the problem areas in the preview
  • Soft proof
  • Uploading of advertisement components
  • Illustration of the digital job jacket with manuscript as PDF form in the portal
  • Workflow support with status concept
  • Correction workflow on a PDF basis
  • Internet-based distribution of typesetting jobs to service providers and inclusion of the finished artwork in the digital job jacket
  • Support of external sales with clear presentation of already input advertisements and the entry of new jobs