ProcSet_Workflow Solution

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Support for sales representative

The digital job jacket is used by the sales representative to enter jobs, transmit advertisement components and ideally support the correction processes.

Verknüpfung einer Vollvorlage

Linking one complete template with the job

Email contents and attachments are copied to the digital job jacket by simply forwarding the email to the ProcSet system.

You can easily link full templates with the order in the browser. Then, depending on the result of the integrated preflight check, the system releases the artwork for production or transfers it automatically to the prepress team.

The job jacket can be easily filled and processed via the web browser. A clearly arranged notice field is available for creation instructions. The finished jacket is transmitted to the typesetting team with a simple click.

Depending on the job features, the sending of the correction proof is automatically triggered after creation. A PDF form with comments can be used as the correction format and lets you share desired changes and finally approve the release.