ProcSet_Workflow Solution

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Support for typesetters

For internal and external typesetting service providers, the digital job jacket is the ideal typesetting environment with the integrated logo and sample administration as well as the direct inclusion of design tools.

Ansicht der digitalen Auftragsmappe

View of digital job jacket


Call-up of InDesign

All the components and templates required for the creation of advertisements are located in the digital job jacket, which is filled by the advertising sales representative and released for typesetting.

The integrated logo administration enables the convenient assignment of existing logos for the job jacket and the reverse, the inclusion of newly delivered logos.

InDesign is called up directly from the browser, whereby all typesetting components are arranged in a library for convenient access.

After completion of the artwork, a PDF or EPS file is transferred to the system and, depending on the job features, the sending of corrections or the release is triggered.