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Solutions for agencies

We support creative agencies by providing solutions for the creation, review and converting of digital advertisements. A thoroughly web-based system design is the basis for ideal communication processes between agencies and publishing houses.

As an OEM partner of Adobe®, it is possible for us to rely on its leading global original technology to produce professional print products. Furthermore, we also use the PDF tools of callas Software GmbH – another longstanding OEM partner of ours.

Products for agencies

ProcSet entry

The ideal workflow solution for the automation of production processes with integrated review and converting technology.
ProcSet entry offers an innovative approach to setting up a complete production workflow for basic functions in only a few steps.
It has numerous elementary components for import, export, pre-flight check, converting and other functions.
The processes are configured solely in the browser, i.e. the user interface, so that additions and adjustments can be easily made in just a few steps.

ProcSet involve

Portal components for the internet-based delivery of print documents in a job-related way.
This solution lets customers, advertising sales representatives and typesetters ideally integrate the internet into the production process. Full templates can be connected directly with the job and advertisement components for typesetting advertisements can be assigned to the digital job jacket.
Furthermore, this additional component offers the ideal platform for a modern correction and approval workflow.

ProcSet API

Web-based programmer interface for ProcSet Workflow Solution and ProcSet entry to connect external systems.
This interface lets you seamlessly integrate our high-performing solutions into external systems such as commercial advertisement systems from SAP or alfa Media.
Professional additional features can be added to existing production systems quickly and easily via API call-ups for review, converting and workflow functions.