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Solutions for typesetters

The growing trend in the publishing industry is to have advertisement artwork designed externally. This brings about new challenges for typesetters. Different production systems in publishing houses must be connected to a uniform and convenient typesetting environment.

Our solutions incorporate every aspect of a modern and highly efficient typesetting service.
This also includes the integration of design tools such as Adobe® Creative Suite and, above all, sophisticated workflow functions that allow for an ideal division of work.

To give both service providers and publishing houses transparency, there is an extremely flexible reporting concept that allows for detailed production reports.
Not only does the service include complete templates, but the integrated review and converting function helps you do the necessary follow-up work, on the basis of Adobe® and Callas technology, in just a few steps.

Products for typesetters

ProcSet Workflow Solution

This is the complete solution for modern, highly automated and networked production in publishing, with the sophisticated implementation of the digital job jacket for advertisement artwork.
ProcSet Workflow Solution allows for the greatest streamlining of the work organization by ideally networking all the participants in the production process.
Each employee has an environment in their role, making it easy for them to handle their daily tasks. All the steps take place in the web browser, i.e. in a familiar and easy-to-operate interface.

ProcSet entry

The ideal workflow solution for the automation of production processes with integrated review and converting technology.
ProcSet entry offers an innovative approach to setting up a complete production workflow for basic functions in only a few steps.
It has numerous elementary components for import, export, pre-flight check, converting and other functions.
The processes are configured solely in the browser, i.e. the user interface, so that additions and adjustments can be easily made in just a few steps.